Welcome to lil' johns!

Lil' Johns footed long underwear were created out of sheer necessity after searching high and low for something for my grandson to wear under his pants during the long winters. We were forever trying to keep his legs covered in the cold; when he was in his car seat, stroller or just walking to and from stores...(we all know the fun of trying to cover them with a blanket while out and about!) there were those lil' legs exposed getting cold and red! So, what's a grandmother (or Mimi as I'm called!) to do you might ask....well the only thing possible of course....create something to keep those lil' legs warm and Lil' Johns footed underwear were born!

We took our time and finally found a fantastic company in Detroit to work with!


"They are great.  No more yanking the socks up and pulling the pants down to keep his cute little legs warm."   K. J.

"We love our lil' johns!  He got so mad at me when I even mentioned taking them off!"        K.F.

"Just bought a pair of lil' johns for my daughter!  She loves them:) She will be wearing them during fair week and hiking!"  S.B.

"Love love love these! Perfect for our New Hampshire winters!"  L.E.


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